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"Heather visited New Foundation Center and led a drum circle at our mental health agency for our mentally ill adult clients.  The whole atmosphere changed when everyone was drumming.  There was a sense of well-being, relaxation, and fun.  Heather was able to reach out to the members of the circle to bring them all together into a cohesive group.  Some of the clients were really creative with their instruments.  It was a joy to watch and to participate in such an energetic and fun experience.  We look forward to another drumming experience with Heather!"
- Staff Member New Foundation Center
"It was fantastic!!  Everyone participated.  There was a great energy in the room and at the end there was a sense of accomplishment and community.  Thank you so much."
- Director Life Enrichment Wealshire & Ponds
"Thanks for a great day . . . The power of music and rhythm was quite evident for me . . . Had a blast and learned much.  Thanks for your energy and passion for drumming!"
- Participant in 'Inana Rhythms Workshop, "Drum Circle Facilitation as a Therapeutic Tool:  Assessment, Treatment, and Beyond"
"Heather's drum circle provided great insight for me and by the end of the session I had spontaneous healing tears flowing down my cheeks.  The use of larger motor skills and her facilitating comments were insightful.  I felt my self-confidence was enhanced."
- Participant, Minnesota Gold Star Retreat
"The drum therapy was so different and certainly made us become upbeat and Heather was wonderful and dedicated to her cause."
- Participant, Minnesota Gold Star Retreat
"I did my first drum circle today and it went great.  The techniques you taught us made everything so easy to implement.  How do I know it was a success?  The clients didn't want to stop for lunch.  Now that "never" happens.  Thanks again. 
- Participant in 'Inana Rhythms Workshop, "Drum Circle Facilitation as a Therapeutic Tool: Assessment, Treatment, and Beyond"
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